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The certainty of quickly selecting the best candidates for your business with Pera's AI assessment.

Find top performers with Pera


Better performance




Candidate experience


More revenue


Diversity increase


Higher retention


An assessment day
in 15 minutes

Our technology discovers the candidates who will perform best based on their answers to just three open-ended questions.

More effective and unbiased recruiting - through AI.


Make better decisions about people

Pera's AI assessment does not see red spots. And is not charmed by a pretty smile. Our science predicts candidate success.

Make better decisions about people using AI.

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Discover invisible talent and boost your company's performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Pera different from other assessments?

We directly measure the competencies we know lead to success. Our AI uses language data to benchmark candidates against millions of professionals in our database on the competencies that our data shows lead to success. This approach is unique and only possible with AI, and leads to better predictions than anything on the market today. Because of our approach, the interview only requires 15 minutes from candidates. Additionally, we do not use self-assessments, which is common in personality based competitors.

How do you know Pera works?

Besides having shown strong statistical correlations in our 7+ years of work (see the science behind Pera), we have been able to strongly impact the partners we have worked with. High scorers on our ‘Commercial Success’ benchmark generate 194% of their peers revenue within the first two years of working, while other Pera top scorers are 2.8x more likely to be marked as top performers compared to their peers.

Are three questions really enough to assess talent?

Yes. This is due to two main things: 1) the method and 2) the depth of data. Based on 7 years research and development we found the optimal balance between candidate experience and accurate outcomes. The Pera Skope assesses ‘how’ someone writes and looks at over 200 markers in the responses, connecting this to intelligence about successful professionals. Intelligence gained from researching millions of people identifying the competencies that have proven to deliver success in jobs.

Is Pera Digital Interview unbiased?

Yes, Pera ensures fairness by eliminating discriminatory information and providing equal opportunities to all candidates. The platform is unbiased by design.

How does Pera ensure the security of candidate data?

Pera prioritizes top-notch security for candidate data, ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and reliable assessment results. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. See our security pages.