About Pera

Pera was created because its founders wanted to make recruitment fairer. Without bias, so that the best candidate gets the job.


Our story

Our story started in 2015 with a desire for change. Pera's founders had all experienced that in job applications, the best candidate did not get the job. Purely because selection is done subjectively, on gut instinct. Because the recruiter has a connection with someone or a good feeling about a candidate. Perhaps logical, as it is impossible for people to eliminate personal preferences. But this is how the best person doesn't get the job, and companies miss out on talent. This had to and could be different, with the help of science.


Recognising talent from language

Using artificial intelligence to analyse human language, we discovered that every person has a unique language fingerprint. A fingerprint that shows people's potential. From there, the ball started rolling. When you analyse candidates' language use. And compare the results with the language use of top performers in certain positions. Yes, then you can objectively find the best candidate. Pera was born.


Power of AI

With the power of AI, Pera can analyse candidates' language use within seconds based on 200 language features, such as word choice, sentence length, the structure and construction of a text....

Today, Pera AI recruitment has happy clients who have happy candidates and employees. Recruiting has become a lot faster, easier and fairer. Before you get coffee, AI compares your candidate against the results of more than 5.5 million profiles. Without human bias. Because Pera-AI does not find any outfit disturbing and does not see the hair of candidates Within 15 minutes, the best candidate is selected and days of assessments are no longer necessary. Managers are also happy because Pera hires are settled in faster, perform better, enjoy their work and stay longer.

Our manifesto


A reminder that no matter how fast the world moves or how challenging it becomes, there's always a possibility to make things better.


Looking beyond what is obvious, and being open to seeing new possibilities through constant technological and cultural innovation.


An innate desire to give everyone a 'fair go'. To see people for who they really are and celebrate the skills and competencies that make them unique.


Challenge conventions and create a positive impact in culture through innovation & diversity. Promote long term growth and happiness by unlocking human potential.


HQ's Hertogenbosch

De Grasso
Parallelweg 27
5223 AL ‘s-Hertogenbosch