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Customer Stories

A winning partnership for Customer Relations within the Central Head Office

Rituals is all about creating meaningful moments, with Customer Relations & Sales Ambassadors at the core. They assist with any customer question, concern, or sales opportunity, providing top-notch service. Every interaction in our Customer Relations department at the Central Head Office brings little moments of happiness.

"Rituals hires are 26% more productive after teaming up with Pera. Simply said: we can spend more valuable time with our customers and have time for more fun and complex customer interactions."

Sr. Recruitment Lead CR and Project manager

Usually hiring great Customer Relations & Sales Ambassadors can be a challenge. The candidate market is tight, and the right skills set for customer happiness is difficult to identify.

This is why Rituals teamed up with Pera. Rituals and Pera exceed expectations on every recruitment goal set, screening almost 400 applicants in over 13 countries. What we are most proud of? We identified top performers early on in the recruitment process and got more qualified hires in less time than ever before.




Recruiter efficiency


Time per candidate


Candidate experience


Completion rate

How did Pera do this?

With the use of its proprietary A.I. Pera recognizes the patterns of success in the ultimate Rituals Customer Relations & Sales Ambassador. Teaming up with Rituals, Pera designed the optimal ‘Ritualized’ candidate experience:

1. Digital interview with 3 open questions

  • Predicting the relevant skills that lead to customer happiness.
  • Identifying the most promising candidate in a single personalized report.

2. Writing assessment

  • Simulating how candidates craft engaging responses to customer messages.
  • Testing grammar, creativity, authenticity, and personalised responses.