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Customer Stories

Gender-Neutral Hiring: A box you should tick.

"Unique insights that go beyond gender to de-bias the hiring practices"

The client

A market-leading global FMCG company uses Pera to remove gender-driven bias from the hiring process.

The challenge

Where diversity and inclusion should be the norm, there are still industries where bias and prejudice get in the way of giving everyone equal opportunities. Yes, progress is being made, but we have still got some way to go. Like in the fashion industry.

Pera to the rescue

Our client used Pera digital interview in three languages with three different models, in three different regions: the United Kingdom, Spain & China. Pera analyzed the distribution of interview scores between male and female job seekers for the client.

Bottom line

Pera scores are indifferent of gender. When building the models for the client, their internal data for the benchmarking consists of most females. This is reflective of the current gender ratio of those currently employed.