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Customer Stories

Hiring Future Leaders – 80k Euro in Productivity Gains.

"Only the right people solve our biggest challenges. Pera sets us up for success"

The client  

A global multinational using Pera to streamline the graduate recruitment process and assess the competencies for digitization and innovation.

The challenge

The client is a market leader in supply chain logistics with over 15,000 employees. Faced with rapid changes within the industry, they needed to speed up digitization and innovation. Pera worked with the client to assess the existing leadership on their Fit for the Future. Then, we expanded upon an internal audit to predict the potential of applicants in their management traineeship program.

Pera to the rescue

The Client’s existing leadership took our three-question digital interview. We isolated unique language patterns from their answers and mapped them against existing market data on transformation skills. Then, we compared the results to the actual performance of these employees. There was a 70% overlap between prediction and the actual output. After this, the client decided to apply for Pera’s digital interview to identify potential management traineeship applicants.

Bottom line

Within the first year, our client saw substantial gains. By assessing the competencies that accelerate innovation, they were able to place high potential management trainees with like-minded managers who encouraged and coached them. At the same time, the client made over € 80k in productivity gains because HR could focus on only qualified applicants, skipping two steps in the process.