Science behind

The choices you make and the people you invest in determine the future of your business. With Pera, you make these decisions with full conviction, based on science, solid data and unique insights.


Your language is unique

There are striking similarities in the language used by top performers. The way we communicate and express ourselves says a lot about who we are, how we think and can even predict how we will react to certain situations.

Pera is pioneering the use of Natural Language Processing to identify people's potential through digital interviews. We discover character traits and competences by analysing a candidate's answers to three open-ended questions.


Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is artificial intelligence that interprets and analyses human language. Our AI efficiently and reliably estimates relevant traits and competences based on a candidate's (unconscious) use of language.

Using NLP, we can connect language with competences that directly contribute to success in specific positions, organisations and industries.


Proven Success

Pera has spent years conducting research and millions of digital interviews to collect language from employees and candidates. Together with Prof Daelemans' laboratory at the University of Antwerp, we continue to develop and refine our language model.

Recruitment without bias


AI looks beyond gender or culture

Our algorithm does not consider gender, cultural background or language features related to these factors.


The power of data

Training labels are carefully collected. The inputs to our AI, come from employees with at least 6 months of work experience and are reviewed by both their managers and peers.


Equal opportunities are paramount

We evaluate whether our models are fair and we found no gender bias. In collaboration with Gert Jan Hofstede, we researched the impact of different cultures and countries.

Discover invisible talent and boost your company's performance