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7 tips to create a great candidate experience

The recruitment industry is becoming more and more cutthroat. We already know that a positive candidate experience is crucial to attracting top talent. But what does positive candidate experience truly mean? How realistic is it to have a great candidate experience?

The current generation of graduates is particular about whom they want to work for and how to get there. They require an engaging, more proactive, multi-touch approach to convert them into applicants and great hires. Your company’s candidate experience can rise to the one that graduates value—if you focus on the following areas:

7 tips to create a great candidate experience

1. Make the application process shorter than 30 minutes:

Graduates sometimes apply for 20 jobs per day, which means they will favour the short, and simple processes. Ditch the long forms to avoid dropouts.

2. Consistent and timely communication:

96% of candidates will apply for jobs at a company they know will keep them informed. Make sure timelines and expectations are communicated to candidates – and comply with them!

3. Include the key themes in the Job Description:

Write a clear and short job description incorporating the DE&I and CSR commitments from your company. Candidates are increasingly particular about the organisations they apply for. Explain the next steps in the application process.

4. Choose a tool that is bias-free by design:

Make sure the process and tools you select do not over-collect data and make candidates feel they are being heard, and not somehow discriminated against. It will help you to build a diverse and inclusive workforce by default.

5. Mobile-friendly forms and pages:

70% of job applications were made from mobile devices in 2021. Being digital natives, it is obvious for graduates to expect the whole process to be truly mobile-friendly.

6. Make it personal:

Design the assessments in such a way that candidates will feel invited to tell their stories, not tested. Make it more worthwhile by sharing personal reports/feedback. Even if the candidate does not match your job requirement, keep them amiable by sharing feedback in the form of a personalized report.

7. Seamless application process:

It should be quick, simple, and user-friendly. You must update your recruitment strategy and enforce HR tech solutions for faster and better hiring. Invest in talent assessment solutions to create a modern and efficient application process. This will attract graduate job seekers to apply to your company.

Pera’s unique assessment method is quick, accurate, and bias-free by design. It attracts young people for whom time is precious, diversity is valued, and a purpose in life is essential. Pera helps top talent to be found. Before your competitors get there first.

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