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AI powered HR

Optimizing talent decisions with data science, a curated Event for HR professionals and data scientists.

Event Details: 

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2024 
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:45 PM 
Location: Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS), Sint Janssingel 92, 5211 DA 's-Hertogenbosch 

Jheronimus Acadamy of Data Science
Kickstart AI

Many businesses are seeking to implement (Gen) A.I. capabilities into their organizations to be better, cheaper and fairer. Particularly in HR, there is huge potential to improve talent decisions based on data rather than intuition.

Pera has been working in this space for the past 10 years, using A.I. to model patterns in high-performing teams and professionals that are not visible to the human eye. Pera aims to support the A.I. community with expertise, science-backed information and practical use cases.

During this event, we will explore the opportunities of AI with a focus on HR, productivity, and culture with 15 selected innovative companies and their CDOs, CHROs and teams. We look forward to engaging with you and sharing insights from leading experts, including:

Keynote Sessions


12 Critical Mistakes: Lessons learned from the AI frontlines in HR

Piethein Strengholt
Chief Data Officer at Microsoft


From text to insights: Natural Language Processing for HR

Professor Dr. Walter Daelemans
A pioneer in Computational Linguistics 

Panel discussion

Bart Van Linder

Bart van Linder
HR Director at Heliox 

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